Saturday, August 03, 2013

Yoghurt Making Take 3

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I tried making yoghurt again with my mum’s thermo-cooker (basically a large thermos flask) and it worked! It’s also a lot easier and quicker compared to the slow cooker method. The thermo-cooker comes with a removable pot which I can heat and cool my milk down in. Then after adding the yoghurt culture, I just pop the pot back in the container and incubate for 12 hours.

I’ve been doing some reading online and found a couple of hints which I would like to try with my next batch. Currently the yoghurt I am making has the consistency of yoghurt drinks. I would like it to be thick and scoopable.

Other suggestions I’ve come across are:
- using half milk and half cream
- adding more protein (milk powder) – it’s the proteins that make the milk set
- heating the milk longer so more moisture evaporates
- adding gelatin or other thickeners

I’ve tried making a cream and milk yoghurt. The cream makes it a little sour- lumpy but thick and creamy taste.

In the next batch I’ll try adding milk powder. I wonder if protein powder is ok to use? I don’t want to use gelatin in yoghurt but maybe agar powder if none of the above works.

Some helpful links and a couple of the are Australian blogs so no more working in Fahrenheit!
Treading My Own Path- using a thermos flask also works 
Making Yoghurt by Bill Hammel
Cultures for Health on thickening yoghurt

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