Saturday, July 13, 2013

June Shopping Round Up

Halfway through July already! Getting back into the swing of things with a shopping round up.

One of my resolutions was to make ‘meaningful additions’ to my wardrobe. Since starting this documentation of my clothing, shoes and accessories purchases, I believe I have come a fair way with my shopping ‘habits’. Living far away from home helped me decide whether I really wanted to cart loads item back home when the time came.

In saying that, June was a big all out purchasing month! Heehee!

Clothes-wise, I only bought two items! One was an ombre dress and the other a peachy coloured silk blouse.  

The ombre dress was fate! I was actually after an ombre blazer by the Kardashian Kollection seen in this post here.

However, after checking the website (it’s 100% polyester-euyk!) and asking Suyuan in London to determine the quality and longevity of the piece, I was about to make the purchase. Then I stumbled upon a pin in Pinterest and bought a dress instead and it’s 100% silk! The Kardashian Kollection also does a dress version but it’s more structured and a polyester blend- euyk. So that is the tale of the dress.

Accessory-wise, another two additions as well. One is a mini Chloe bag from eBay and the other a scarf from the Perth Upmarket by Song Textiles.

A beautiful silk and cotton blend!

Also purchased from the Perth Upmarket, was a dandelion stamp by Beau est mien and a fabric piece from a stall I can’t remember the name. Sorry!


Sweet Poison and Toxic Oil by David Gillespie.
The others below are library books!

The biggest purchase of the month was a Macbook Pro. This is mainly for photo organisation. It’s my first Apple-based product and the operating system is confusing me so I’m still learning how to use it!

A purchase off eBay was a USB connection kit for my Samsung tablet. However it doesn’t work on the very first tablet that was released and that is the one I happen to have :-( 

I also bought an Entertainment book to discover what to do and eat in Perth.
And that's it!

To see what else other people bought in June, see the links below!

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