Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Cinnamon quills with lots of thin flakey curls as opposed to cassia which has one thick curl

Monday, July 14, 2014

June's Purchases

After all my purchases from the holiday, I came back to more sales in Perth...

Namely I found the dress I had been eyeing since December was finally on sale at Morrison:

A grey silk dress- simple 

I've seen them style it back to front as well so it's a two in one dress depending on the neckline you want. Definitely needs to be belted!

Little Joe lace tank on sale
Also had my eye on this tank as well- something feminine but not overtly frilly or lacey

(taken from the Little Joe site)
I bought the tank above with this pair of silk pants to qualify for free shipping :-D
I never thought I would like light coloured silky pants (the black was all sold out) but it's a great alternative to jeans jeans and more jeans.

Betty browne scoop tee in black

Vege threads scoop tee in white

Vege threads scoop tee in stripes
Vege threads was another company I wanted to try their organic cotton shirts. Unfortunately I don't like the cut of their shirts but I'll have to wait until summer comes around to give them a proper road test.

Linen striped shirt- because I loved the pink and white one I bought on holiday (here

Another nude/pink blouse I bought along with the linen shirt above to qualify for free shipping

And finally my biggest purchase of the month- a Primness silk blouse!
Check out their website (here) and they are all designed and made in Melbourne!
I can envision more Primness items in my wardrobe :-D

The last three months were big shopping months so now it's back to the one item of clothing and one accessory per month.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

April and May's Round Up

Been back from my little getaway to London for a month a half now... feels like I'm usually trying to catch up with my monthly purchases! 

Anyway, I've put April and May's together because I left at the end of April and was away for the most of May. To tell you the truth, I went crazy shopping while I was away. I finally figured what sort of 'style' I was comfortable with and thus went from there.

First four were clothes I bought while still in Perth, so these were in early April.

Betty Browne scoop tee. 
I bought the v neck and crew neck styles in December (here) and decided to take the plunge (hah!) and order a scoop neck when the Grand Social had a special on. The scoop is a little on the low side so avoid if you do a lot of bending over :-)

Gorman sheer navy blouse from eBay
So this was purchased after my little epiphany and finally deciding what my style was. I was browsing at the shops and came across a Diane von Furstenberg's silk blouse- long sleeved, a v neck and in a plain colour. From that moment, I decided that silk blouses were going to be a staple along with my tees.

Denim shorts
These were on sale from an ethical clothing store that was closing down online.

Nookie lace skirt after seeing an Instagram photo of a similar one styled below

link (here)
A great inspiration for me to try dressing a little more feminine

So now moving on to the clothes and a couple of accessories I bought while on holiday.

The Kooples navy silk blouse

Comptoires des cotonniers black v neck blouse

Comptoires des cotonniers blouse
I bought those two blouses together. 
When I went into the store, I was actually after a jacket. However the sales guy got my trying these blouses and ta-da, they came home with me and I still hadn't got a jacket yet... Some guys just know what we want subconsciously.

The Kooples cotton blouse from TK Maxx 

The Kooples textured silk blouse. This was also picked out by a sales guy. 

The texture of the blouse

Theory silk blouse

Jigsaw singlet- excuse the wrinkles!

I did end up finding a jacket tho! 
From Tiger of Sweden

Also has a textured fabric

Linen v neck shirt

White cotton shirt from Gothenburg

Linen pink and black striped shirt will be perfect for summer in Australia soon

Marimekko striped linen shirt from Stockholm 

Black cotton shirt from Gothenburg by a local designer

The next three skirts are all by Chinti and Parker. Suyuan had told me about a sample sale close to her place and we decided to have a browse.

Again, excuse the creases! 

Nudie skinny lin jeans from Gothenburg. 
The last Nudie jeans I bought were in Nov last year (here) which were the high kai style. This skinny lin is very similar except it's only a mid waist rather than a high waisted style.

Ally Capellino bag from another sample sale. 

And that's it for those two months!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Round Up

I did very well in the months of January and February in terms of purchases- one item of clothing and one accessory item. The little devil of wants came in March. 

My clothing item pick of the month was this jersey dress by Katie Hoskings (here) who is an Australian designer and her clothes are made in Australia.

This is the photo taken from the website. 

When I received the dress, I found that it was way too big even though it's a size S. The sash is detachable which meant it looked shapeless unbelted. Even with the sash tied, it didn't stay where I wanted to stay. The fit and styling for me was all wrong. The material was lovely and soft though! 
Anyway, I gifted it to a lady at work who is pregnant as it will make a good maternity dress.

While I was waiting for that dress to arrive, I spied a cute pair of shorts on eBay:
Zimmermann silk black lace shorts

I saw this on their website last year during the Christmas sales but while I was dilly dallying, they sold out. So I've been looking for them on eBay since. They aren't those butt cheek short shorts, the lace extends the length and looks cute paired with a blouse- silk of course! :-)

So I did end up buying 2 clothing items, but only kept one... so I'm still ok?

Now onto accessories...

A McQueen skull padlock bag 

Opposing zips

I wanted a bag that was smaller than my Chloe bag (here). Also that Chloe bag is very heavy when empty and this is very light. I realised I have also bought bags in November last year (here) - the Alexander Wang one is also very heavy- so no more bags for the rest of the year!

While buying the bag, I saw a pair of flats by Lanvin. I've read about their padding and hidden heel. Although I don't walk around as much as I was in London, I am on my feet at work so I need some support.

I came in on another day to try them. There was one in 38.5 (I'm usually a 37.5 or 38 depending on the fit) and that fitted perfectly. Walking around the store, they are indeed very comfortable.

The bows are actually removeable so you can get three styles from one pair of flats!

A flowery clip with a pearl 

Or just have them as plain black flats
These flats retailed at $795 (!!!) but they were on sale at 40% off which made them a slightly digestable $477.

I also saw this pair but they were mismatched sizes. 
The left side is a 38.5 and the other is a 39.5. I put an insole in the right side shoe and it fits better- also more cushioning. My right foot is slightly larger than my left anyway. They were also on sale and I got an extra discount because of the mismatched sizing. 

Have a read of these two blog posts on their experiences with Lanvin flats- 
Wonderfelle World (here)
  Ritournelle (here).

You can find the Lanvin flats at Cultstatus (here) in Claremont or the city if you are in Perth. Otherwise if you already know your size, you can buy them online or eBay. I'll definitely be looking out for them when I get to London. No more flat flats- Lanvin flats are the way for me now :-)

So that's my March purchases! 
I'm off to London at the end of April until May and will carefully select my purchases. Til then!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monument Climb

Throwback Thursday!

It was a wise choice to tackle climbing The Monument before I left London early last year. There are 311 steps to get to the top! Entry is only 3 pounds and you get some amazing views of London town as well as a good bum and cardio workout :-)

From down below


Tower Bridge from the top- it was one of those cloudy days of London

The Shard

The cool wind was a welcome change

The top top