Monday, March 31, 2014

March Round Up

I did very well in the months of January and February in terms of purchases- one item of clothing and one accessory item. The little devil of wants came in March. 

My clothing item pick of the month was this jersey dress by Katie Hoskings (here) who is an Australian designer and her clothes are made in Australia.

This is the photo taken from the website. 

When I received the dress, I found that it was way too big even though it's a size S. The sash is detachable which meant it looked shapeless unbelted. Even with the sash tied, it didn't stay where I wanted to stay. The fit and styling for me was all wrong. The material was lovely and soft though! 
Anyway, I gifted it to a lady at work who is pregnant as it will make a good maternity dress.

While I was waiting for that dress to arrive, I spied a cute pair of shorts on eBay:
Zimmermann silk black lace shorts

I saw this on their website last year during the Christmas sales but while I was dilly dallying, they sold out. So I've been looking for them on eBay since. They aren't those butt cheek short shorts, the lace extends the length and looks cute paired with a blouse- silk of course! :-)

So I did end up buying 2 clothing items, but only kept one... so I'm still ok?

Now onto accessories...

A McQueen skull padlock bag 

Opposing zips

I wanted a bag that was smaller than my Chloe bag (here). Also that Chloe bag is very heavy when empty and this is very light. I realised I have also bought bags in November last year (here) - the Alexander Wang one is also very heavy- so no more bags for the rest of the year!

While buying the bag, I saw a pair of flats by Lanvin. I've read about their padding and hidden heel. Although I don't walk around as much as I was in London, I am on my feet at work so I need some support.

I came in on another day to try them. There was one in 38.5 (I'm usually a 37.5 or 38 depending on the fit) and that fitted perfectly. Walking around the store, they are indeed very comfortable.

The bows are actually removeable so you can get three styles from one pair of flats!

A flowery clip with a pearl 

Or just have them as plain black flats
These flats retailed at $795 (!!!) but they were on sale at 40% off which made them a slightly digestable $477.

I also saw this pair but they were mismatched sizes. 
The left side is a 38.5 and the other is a 39.5. I put an insole in the right side shoe and it fits better- also more cushioning. My right foot is slightly larger than my left anyway. They were also on sale and I got an extra discount because of the mismatched sizing. 

Have a read of these two blog posts on their experiences with Lanvin flats- 
Wonderfelle World (here)
  Ritournelle (here).

You can find the Lanvin flats at Cultstatus (here) in Claremont or the city if you are in Perth. Otherwise if you already know your size, you can buy them online or eBay. I'll definitely be looking out for them when I get to London. No more flat flats- Lanvin flats are the way for me now :-)

So that's my March purchases! 
I'm off to London at the end of April until May and will carefully select my purchases. Til then!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monument Climb

Throwback Thursday!

It was a wise choice to tackle climbing The Monument before I left London early last year. There are 311 steps to get to the top! Entry is only 3 pounds and you get some amazing views of London town as well as a good bum and cardio workout :-)

From down below


Tower Bridge from the top- it was one of those cloudy days of London

The Shard

The cool wind was a welcome change

The top top

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Japanese High Tea

Throwback Thursday to...
a Japanese themed high tea at Takara at the Hilton London Tower Bridge.

We were the only ones at the bar area!

It was Halloween in a couple of days and sushi guy needed to carve a pumpkin!

Our high tea served in a bento box

Sushi and sashimi

Mini sized scone

I love the tea pot!

I managed to get a deal online for this high tea- I think it ended up being 11 or 12 pounds each. The little morsels were great but left feeling a little hungry. It was nice to have the place to ourselves :-)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Jacqueline Evans Castille Cream Cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for almost a month (feels so much less!) and I loooooove it! It may even be my all time favourite face cleanser surpassing the Sodashi one (here) which used to be my holiest grail of cleansers.  

A little bit of background info on my preferences- I choose cream/milk cleansers and they must be made from natural ingredients. No green-washed brands unless they are a (free) sample pack. They also must not sting my eyes as I double up as an eye make up remover. 
The Sodashi lime clay cleanser (here) was my 'standard' I compared all the cleansers I tried to. At $80 a bottle, it wasn't cheap plus then I was leaving for London so it was too hard to track any down. Anyway, there are even more brands to try in London! 

So back to Jacqueline Evans castille cream cleanser...

Don't you love the pop of colour the label gives your bathroom caddy? Bright and simple.

You can read all about Jacqueline Evans on her website (here).
I'm so glad I found another Australian company to support. 

The product comes in an amber glass jar with a screw top.
It's $42 for a 120g which is a strange measurement for a cleanser.

The cream has a lemongrass scent which is uplifting and makes me want to slather it on my face. When I first scooped it out, I was so surprised how thick the cream was. On my face, it felt so luxurious and creamy. It's like putting on a rich, thick cream in the driest of winter nights. 

I'm still practising the amount I need for a face clean but so far a quick one finger scoop seems to pick up the right amount for my average sized face :-)

I keep the jar in the shower and just try to keep it away from the shower spray.

I've never used a cleanser in a jar before. Most cleansers usually come in a  pump bottle or a squeezey tube. As much as I love pump bottles- you can control how much comes out, depending on the design of the bottle, it can be hard to get every last drop *ahem* *Sodashi* Touch wood I have not dropped any glass bottles... but ninja reflexes have been involved... I will definitely relish getting every last smidgen of this luscious cleanser! 

Ingredient list

I love love this cleanser! It smells good and is so rich and luxe that it feels like I'm having a spa facial every morning and night. It manages to clean light eye and face make up. There is no irritation when used around my eyes. My skin has also adjusted well to the switch in cleansers. 

If you are looking for a new brand to try- do have a look at Jacqueline Evans. I can't wait to try her other body products and also reviews of the toner and balancing cleanser will be coming soon. 

I purchased the cleanser as part of an essential balance skincare pack from The Lab Organics shop online (here) for $110. Since it was over $100, the company offers free shipping in Australia- yay! The pack gives you a saving of $12 than if you were to purchase the products separately. Trust me, you will love all the products! 

PS. I have also purchased a Sodashi lime cleanser after all these years so I can write a more recent and updated review! Stay tuned for that :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sale At Harrods

Throwback Thursday!

Sale time at Harrods - the sign says so! :-)

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Wooden Barrels

Throwback Thursdays on my London adventures.

Wooden buckets with various preserved goods at Boroough Markets

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Buys

Usually during my birthday month, I like to 'treat' myself to things. I surprised myself by sticking to my one clothing item and one accessory item. 

Bhalo band skirt (here
I had already decided on getting this skirt in January and once Feb rolled around, it was an easy decision. It also helps that it's an ethical brand. Time to shop with my dollar!
Read Bhalo's about page and fair trade info here and here.

Status Anxiety wallet (here)

While I knew what to buy for my clothing allowance, I didn't have anything for my accessory part. I thought maybe February's post shall just be a photo of one skirt... after a visit to the city at the end of the month, I found this wallet. I had already seen it online on The Iconic (here) but wasn't too sure on the dimensions. Then I saw it at David Jones and the leather is so buttery soft! It also fits my phone for those short trips out. Like a clutch but not too fancy ;-)

Magnetic flap closure with a zip for coins and lots of space for notes, a four card slot (apparently fits up to 12 cards) and enough room to drop a phone and keys in.

For the life of me, I can't find where this bag is made. It doesn't say on the website and it doesn't have a tag inside the wallet either. I've emailed the company and this is their response from Jen Krause:

"Everything is designed in sunny Sydney. Materials are sourced from Italy, France and New Zealand (all countries with strict controls on ethical production) then the materials and specifications are sent to our manufacturer in China. We visit the factory in China personally each year to verify that the working and pay conditions are satisfactory and that no one is being unfairly taken advantage of. The company we manufacture with has a high level of transparency and accountability enforced upon it from other much bigger brands who use there production line. From there is comes back to us before going to happy customers all over the place. "

There you go, so technically made in China :-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brussel Sprouts

Apparently this is how brussel sprouts grow:

I thought they grew individually in the ground like cabbages but mother nature is much more efficient than I am